The 6 Best Privacy Tips

Privacy Tips
Best Privacy Tips

In this era where technology is everywhere, there is one thing people are doing wrong. They do not think about privacy. They are not considering the fact that they can be tracked by their activity online. Some people raise the argument that it is not so important to them because even if they are used in targeted ads, it is their choice to buy or not. However you view this, it is important to note that your personal information is for you only and no one else. To protect their privacy, users must follow the below;

Use Incognito or private mode

It is apparently the least to consider as privacy-protecting. Chrome recently got a bad name for websites being able to access motion sensor information even on incognito. However, the integrity of the incognito mode is not broken. It works perfectly on other browsers and is one of the best ways to ensure privacy.

Use different Search Engine

DuckDuckGo is one of the best search engines when it comes to privacy. It has a user-friendly interface and presents no ads. DuckDuckGo is widely used and presents users with a unique browsing experience. The search engine boldly boasts on its page that it ensures private search, tracker blocking, and site encryption. Most search engines cannot boast of this. Startpage and Qwant are also good search engine alternatives.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A VPN is also one way to ensure privacy in the world of the internet. It provides online privacy by creating a private network on a public network. A user using a VPN’s traffic is routed through the private network securing the data from the public eye. VPNs protect your IP and encrypt internet history. Some Examples of VPN include NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

Consider before you share

Most private information ends up in the public because of what people post on social media. In this era, people like to share everything online. These include the locations of their favorite restaurants, properties, birthdays, and relations. There have been some reports that some burglars check social media to see potential places for robberies. With this in mind, one best way to ensure your privacy online is to consider if what you are about posting is something that should not go onto social media or the internet. If it is something very personal, you should not post it.

Password protect devices

Password protecting your devices is one of the best ways to prevent your information from going out there. This ensures that even when your device is stolen, the thief would not be able to access information or content on your phone.

Do not use Mod APKs (Android Users)

Mod APKs are modified versions of original android packages. Mod APKs are android packages that have not been signed by the developers. They are fun to use because it presents extra features. But it is dangerous because they can contain Spyware and Malware that are particularly bad for security. If you are an android mod APK user, though you might be having the best features, you may also be throwing your information out there.

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