Kali Linux or Parrot OS – Which OS to Choose

Kali Linux or Parrot OS

Linux is well known for its many distributions that fit the various needs of its users. A distribution like Ubuntu is well known for cloud computing. CentOS is another distribution used in server environments. When it comes to cybersecurity and ethical hacking, there are two main Operating Systems that are considered, Kali Linux and Parrot OS. This article discusses Kali and Parrot OS.

Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a security-focused operating system for penetration testing and digital forensics. The creators of the Kali Linux distribution Mati Aharoni and Deavon Kearns of Offensive Security developed it as a replacement for the BackTrack operating system. Offensive Security still maintains Kali Linux and even has a course (PENETRATION TESTING WITH KALI LINUX) for it. It is important to know that they provide and recommend a Kali Linux installation file for this course and its exam. Though the number of users for the Parrot OS is increasing these days, Kali is very popular and has more users as compared to Parrot OS. This makes it easy for Kali Linux users to get assistance as there is a huge community to support users when any problem is encountered. Kali requires graphical acceleration and has a minimum RAM requirement of 1 GB. Apparently, Kali Linux also picks up more space after it has been installed.


It is a Debian-based distribution created by a team of security experts and open-source developers. The team headed by Lorenzo Faletra first released this OS in 2013. One of the things that immediately catches the eye of most individuals on This OS is the colorful nature of the Parrot Terminal. This OS has been praised for it being lightweight and beginner-friendly for new users. The minimum RAM requirement for this OS is about 320MB. No graphical acceleration is required for Parrot OS. It is also known for having more tools than Kali.

In Conclusion

It is good to know that the two distributions were designed with security in mind making them perfect Operating Systems for penetration testing and digital forensics. However, I would recommend Kali Linux if you are preparing for an exam like the OSCP. It is the operating system to be used in this penetration testing exam. Though Parrot OS has a colorful terminal, Kali Linux can be customized to have it too. When considering using a USB to run the OS, Parrot OS might be a good choice because of the lightweight nature of it.

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